The Free Speech Zone

Since Huffington Post and both are NON FREE SPEECH ZONES, unwilling to allow alternate points of view. ( I know why confuse them it only hurts their brains.)

I am starting this blog to answer them, they are free to post.

Anyone is free to post.  The first time you post spam you are done, honest opinions are welcome.  Pre digested talking points will be dealt with harshly.

I do ramble  and you may struggle to catch up, but I am  ADHD so try and keep up.

The left likes to call the US military “babykillers” so I will address that in my next post.

After that I will take on Tax the Rich and how that is an outright lie.


About longun45

As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.
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2 Responses to The Free Speech Zone

  1. Jim says:

    Is this blog active? I only see one post. I love the name of your blog, The Real Free Speech Zone. It is true that liberals only want free speech for themselves, and that most of them are totally against free speech for the oppssition. There need to be webites like this one, that will allow for real free speech, assuming that your website really does.

    • longun45 says:

      it’s moderated to allow for the moderator to remove any cuss-words that are inappropriate. AS most ideas can be effectively communicated with out swearing, and I would like everyone to be able to read this to any person regardless of age. Swearing is the crutch of a person without either a good reason or vocabulary. Also to stop those spammers who post ridiculous ads for _____________.

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