Let’s talk about taxing the rich. Heck let’s take all of their money.

The rich have all the money were told and that there is plenty of money to go around, if only the rich would give it back. Everything would be fixed, we are told by the likes of Michael Moore and others. The rich don’t deserve that money, they stole it. Did they really? How about Micheal Moore – did he steal it. Well according to some, the lies he told to get that money is akin to stealing. And there is no doubt he is rich, he is stinking rich. We should take his money. And TAX him out of existence.
All those tax moneys need to come back to us because we deserve them.

Are you kidding me? That sentiment is insane at best and is slavery. You don’t support slavery do you?

How did ordinary people get rich? Stealing? They put you in jail for that, don’t they?

You never hear anything about how the rich earned their money. The rich got there for a reason. They got there by hard work or smart planning or little bit of both. “Luck” really does not play a part of it. Our society is full of overnight successes that took 10-15-20 years to make it big, overnight. We’ve got people who started their businesses in the garage. Microsoft comes to mind but Apple started the same way. There is no way to do that today. There are just too many regulations and laws to prevent just such things from happening. Wonder why you are poor, check with the government about that great idea you have and then make it happen. What you will find is a network of laws and regulations all designed to keep you from succeeding.

Starting a business up like that today is neigh on impossible. To get through the red tape, you need to have a lot of money, you will have to deal a lot with bureaucracies in the government. And then if you’re lucky and the government doesn’t decide to put more restrictions on your business or change the game in anyway by adding new regulations or something else you have to adhere to.

Then you learn about making a profit.

It was a wonderful thing – profit. It’s the difference between the price you sell something for and what it costs you to produce a good. Profit, that’s not a dirty word. That’s how we make our money. It’s how we get paid, from profits. Regulations are designed to bleed profits, they are the invisible tax.

A quick question. If you start a business, make a profit, should you be taxed at say 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 70%, 90% over a certain amount? How hard are you willing to work to accomplish that, or will you only get to one point and then quit.

When people say tax the rich, “they wont miss it” or “they can afford it”. It’s done with the understanding that always just a little bit they won’t miss. How do you know? How do you know they won’t miss it? How do you know that’s not critical to their business? Over taxing can take a marginally profitable business and make it unprofitable and close it. Then you loose all of those taxes and those jobs.

Oh, so you want to just take everything over say 250,000. Nobody needs more than that. Right? You want to limit success. And you want to be rich? Or do you just want everyone to be poor, like you. Do you want artificial caps on how much you can make, to help keep you down. Do you think people will work under those conditions? Will you work under those conditions? Or will you get to one point then quit and coast.

What about the wealthy? They don’t need all that wealth do they?
To take the wealth from the Rich you first have to be willing to take away private property and everything that means. It means that if you work for something, you must give it up to those in power. How is that different than slavery? Slaves must work all day and produce and then see the product of their labors be confiscated. How much are you going to produce? I know the answer, just enough to keep you from being whipped. Some incentive, huh? Oh you just want a wealth tax? Say tax everything over $1,000,000. That is just a higher form of slavery.

The myth of wealth redistribution is just that – a myth. Even if you redistribute all the wealth in this country you would have little lasting effect. Using old numbers (2006)that would give everyone $157,000. That is liquidating everything and selling it off. What do you think would happen to prices, how long would the money last you. Just redistributing the taxable income would result in a confiscation of all salaries and result in a per person distribution of $16,187. Boy are you rich. (2006 numbers wikipedia)

This country experimented with Socialism in the 1620’s in Jamestown and it was found to be a failure. They had a group democracy – how is that different from slavery where a person works to make something and have somebody steal it away from them, by law. No private property at all.

When people were given an opportunity to gain from their efforts, in accordance of natural law. Natural law – that’s a new concept for some people. You cannot negate it. It says that as a man you have the right to work for your sustenance and to keep it, or man will not put out the effort to do more than his bare sustenance.

Man will not be altruistic if there is not plenty. Man will not invent, if he cannot keep the profits from his invention. Man will withhold his efforts in the face of confiscation. It’s human nature and that has not changed in 1,000s of years.

This is a land of plenty and there are innumerable articles on how disparate the incomes are and how the wealth is not evenly distributed. So what? We are the most altruistic country on the planet. We were the freest country on the planet, not any more. Those in power are seeing to that. They want to see us fail, not to have us succeed. These socialist politicians want it both ways and it is not going to happen. You cannot have a country that confiscates the wealth of it’s people to give to those who did not earn it and expect the country to survive.

The people who are being robbed will quit, leave or remove themselves from the country. Look at Maryland and New York, California. They have Millionaire taxes and the millionaires are leaving. Many went to Florida – Guess what – No tax!!

Would you condemn everybody in this country to a poverty of existence, on a level with Africa. Or do you want the society to succeed, your success is tied to the success of the society, it always has been.

Some will say what about he poor? When we succeed we take care of those in need, we don’t need government taxes or regulations to do that. The clueless and the lazy are on their own. The claims of hunger in America are inflated, the poor in this country have A/C, flat screen TVs,and cell phones, some states even give them cars and insurance.

The people who call for taxing the rich only want one thing, no rich people. They just cannot stand that someone has more than they do. It is pure envy mixed with greed. Cloaked in a false altruism, to be done by others “more fortunate”. As a society we benefit from the industry and resources of the rich. We benefit by their inventions that make us more productive. This productivity provides jobs. Productivity takes energy and any who seeks to restrict the amount of energy we use is in direct contradiction to our stated goal. To make money. Any who are opposed to making money are liars and not to be trusted.

The more rich people we have the better off we are in every aspect of society.


About longun45

As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.
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