Those Evil rich, or are they

The capitalist who risks his money on any venture provides tools and facilities for others to make their job possible and more productive. By leveraging the tools the worker earns far more than he could on his own. And as the worker earns the man who risked much , get a small reward in relationship to the investment. IT is the leverage of the tools and the management of the people where the numbers multiply and make the money.

Those “Evil” Oil companies leveraged a restrictive government regulations, acquiring the raw material, refining that into so many products that they do now waste a molecule of it. You are wearing an oil product or you are sitting on a oil product right now. T?hey distribute those products to smaller vendors who then sell those products at a small profit. Now, how is Justin going to make gas for his car, or is it just going to fill his tank in some act of magic.

Apple makes a terrific product called an Ipad, they make 42% profit, they build their product in China because they cannot build it here due to the costs associated with regulations, and labor. Those jobs will not be coming back anytime soon.

Is the man who makes the Ipad possible worth more than the person who just sells the Ipad? I think so. It’s called thinking. The communist manifesto is a prescription for death, it kills thinking in favor of those who plunder.

Communism AKA Socialism kills ambition, unless the ambition is to rule over men and communism makes everyone poor except those who have successfully plundered the masses by force to rob them of their assets.

The egalitarian ideal is a wonderful thing, but we had that already. WE had a country where a man could use his mind and develop new and better products or services, bring those to market and he could make money. But now the looters and the moochers are in charge and those days are now over. There will not be another Andrew Carnegie, who among other things, with his millions built libraries all over this country.

The Socialism that is being and has been pushed in the schools for the last 40 years has robbed two generations of their rightful place and their ambition. In it’s place they have preached you can have your cake and eat it too but never told them where the cake comes from, or how it was produced. They have been given the false Idea that everything comes from government and the taxes on the “rich”.

If you hate the evil rich people then you have been lied to but worse than that, is that you stopped thinking- if you ever thought. You have tried to corrupt the law of causality. In short you tried to eat your cake before you even made it, you ate someone else’s cake instead. It’s called robbery, stealing, taxes.

WE need some taxes, but in truth we are over taxed by about 100%. You don’t even realize how many taxes you pay, to keep the moochers satisfied.

Yes Medicare is going to change and it should change. It is a program that is the worst form of looting. IF it had been private savings we would be rich, but the government starting in 1964 started looting that program to pay moochers. Now at 65 you are forced into a government program that is inefficient, costs too much, and does not produce the promised results. Ask any retired person on SSI about the golden years and see if the results are worth the taxes imposed.

Our progressive (aka communist) government with it’s nanny state mentality of telling you how to live has caused this. Do you like the results? If not then it must go away, in favor of the individual taking care of himself. If you think the individual is not capable of taking care of himself, are you capable of taking care of him better? If you are truly your brothers keeper, when he robs a bank should you not serve his prison term? You cannot have it both ways, you must choose. It’s either the individual or the collective. One is life, the other is a slow death. Choose.


About longun45

As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.
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