The 100 yard dash vs Progressive Policies

Do you expect a 100 yard dash to end in a dead heat. I expect that some runners will be faster than others. There can be only one winner. The race would not be exciting if everyone crossed the finish line at the same time, there would be no winner. And the same results over time would make the race anticlimactic. Why run when the outcome is fixed. Progressives would like to fix the race to make everyone winners. Even little kids know better. The philosophy that everyone gets a trophy and that somehow makes everyone special, makes no one special.

Isn’t that special? The answer is NO and actually it’s psychotic.

Progressive policies over the last 100 years are how we have gotten into the mess we are in now, both economically and socially. You may want to blame this guy or that guy but in reality it is the entire progressive movement in government that is at fault, and going in the wrong direction.  I include civil servants and I blame them the most as they run the government day to day.  Elected officials pass out tax dollars like the guys on floats during Mardi Gras in New Orleans throw out beads. But fail to adequately check unbounded government power.

The double standard of forced sharing is quite evident among college students. It’s ok to have the government take money form those who earned it and then redistribute the money to those who did not earn it, but it’s not ok to give part of your “A” grade to a less deserving student. Double standard or psychotic?

Progressives like Michael Moore and others, are saying that if someone is successful, that he should now be penalized because he is successful. The progressives think that he should be robbed by government (Taxation or outright confiscation) so that others can have an unearned income for free. The excuse is that somehow these people were short changed by the rich ( who ever they are) but the mechanism on how they were short changed is nebulous at best. Did Michael Moore fleece his movie goers? Did he short change them? Why work for a good living if all you do is give the money back? Where is the fun in that? Why would anyone do that? The philosophy is psychotic.

Human nature has not changed in 10,000 years. We find that some people are faster, some are smarter, some are quicker, some are duller. Some sit there like a bump on a log and do nothing but hold a begging sign, but they look bad, smell worse and have great excuses. Sometimes they are valid, and most of the time they are not. Progressives proclaim these bums to be the most needy among us and that we should help those people by use of government force and not charity. Government force is like watching the 100 yard dash with the outcome that everyone crosses the finish line at the same time. Charity is training that person to run faster in an honest race. Which benefits the individual more?

The attempt to control people through leveling is the worst economic and social policy for any country and will lead to only one inevitable conclusion – stagnation and poverty for all., except for the chosen few. The result of poverty government is War.

We can see the values of the progressives philosophy in the public housing projects and the social engineering that has gone on over the last 60 years. How many housing projects would you walk through at night, unarmed? Are illegal drugs sold through public housing residents? Do the city governments of Chicago and other cities display what they confiscated from housing projects? What is the crime rate in these urban ghettos? What is the birth rate to unwed mothers? It takes a mother and a father to raise children. Yes, I can her the howls now of only one is needed, but two makes the work far easier. We here in the United States have 44Million people below the poverty line. The tree bears the fruit it is supposed to bear, is the fruit good or bad?

Progressive policies have given us racial segregation, racial and class warfare, social inequality, the KKK, a right to expect the unearned and the right to label any who do not agree with them with any derogatory term they might think proper. Progressives use any kind of force when it suits them, including War.

In short progressive policies have given us permanent poverty population, not just here but abroad as well. These same progressive policies permeate Europe. All of Europe is in such dire straights economically and socially, they will most likely fail soon. Unemployment is at all time highs, youth unemployment is at 25-30%. They are ripe for war and they have started one in Libya through NATO. Europe has imported crime and most rapes are now committed exclusively by muslims in a few countries.

The riots in Paris are still going on and there are now “Nogo Zones” for police and anyone who is non-muslim. Nothing is said because it suits that government to be PC.

There is not just one cause to these results but there is one underlying philosophy. The philosophy is that there must be an organized social order with a ruling class, and that the social order must be maintained at all costs. It is similar to the cast system in India. Here we would call it slavery. A hard word, and antithetical to the founding principles of this country. Whether a soft slavery like welfare and social security or a hard slavery with actual chains the results are the same – poverty and a true injustice done to people.

And if you ask a true progressive the answer will always come back – “It’s for their own good”. The words may vary but boiled down they will invariably lead to the same sentiment.

To avoid poverty you must allow poverty and success. Success serves as a road map for those in poverty to follow if they want. Many people have done just that, followed the road map out of poverty and this countries original founding principles provides a level starting point in freedom. Closing off the possibility of success, assures poverty.

Unfortunately that level field has been nearly obliterated by progressive policies that stifle creativity, inventiveness and quelled the personal ambition of many people. Just as there are different runners in the hundred yard dash, there are different levels of success and many people will be content with a moderate success. Some will not be, some will have ideas that change the world, most will not. There will be inequality of success and income. This is to be expected and applauded. Not jeered and condemned.

Long before affirmative action, we had a former female slave become a millionaire.  Google the first black female millionaire. You will get a surprise. Her name was Madam C. J. Walker.  Did you ever hear about her, progressives love hiding our true history.

Given the choice between the principals of freedom or of principles progressivism, I prefer the principles that founded this country and I will not expound on them here. This is already too long so I will wrap it up in a neat little package for you.

If you want everyone the same, equal in every way. If you want everyone to have the same things and the same outcomes then you are wishing for a stagnant society. There will be no social advancement through your hard work or initiative. It will only be granted at a whim of those in power and can be taken away just as quickly. With no upward mobility available the society will become stagnant. Please show me how a stagnant society prospers or advances mankind in any way. To work for a stagnant society is psychotic and those who are working for this are either ignorant and stupid or truly psychotic.


About longun45

As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.
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