Abortion or No Abortion ?

What is the fundamental question here?  Is it that all life is sacred?  Or that some lives are sacred and not others?  Or is it a deeper base problem that is present that abortion on demand is covering up.  What would be the solutions to this underlying problem?

In giving this matter a lot of thought both as a dad, a survivor.   I have come to some conclusions.  Life does not begin at conception, hope begins at conception.  Life starts at the birth, the birth of a viable individual.  Certain developments in the fetus have to occur to allow it to survive disconnected from the mother.  Yes, you can hear a heart beat and yes you can feel movement but the fetus would not survive out side the womb.  The first trimester is preferable for abortion and the third trimester should go to a natural conclusion.  The second trimester is a big gray area.

Unintended pregnancies have been around since the birth of man.  But how we have handled them have changed.  When I was in high school, a girl who got pregnant either got married or went off and then came back sans the new child.  Several girls got into trouble some went away and one couple I know of has been happily married for nearly 45 years.  Now pregnant girls are left in school and given daycare. It is not out of being nice to the girl who had a baby, as the school cannot tolerate the loss of money.

What about adoption?  Giving up a child for adoption is not a bad thing when you are unable to care for it.  It shows that you value the life enough to give it a better chance of succeeding.  Adopted kids are wanted kids and that is what we are after.  Not everyone should adopt and some screening is necessary.  But the State has become involved and they try and palm off children they know have hard wired behavioral problems that are more than just neglect.  While Catholic Charities used to do a good job placing the kids, it was taken over by the state and social workers that do not have the kid’s best interests or a good match in mind.  The State makes people jump through unnecessary hoops to adopt and charges exorbitant fees.  That is why many go over seas to adopt, less paperwork and less money to shell out, even if it means paying to airline tickets to Russia.  Getting the state out of the adoption process would be a giant big first step.  In Nevada the maximum fee is 11,000.  This is extortion by the state.

Now everyone will agree that every baby should be a wanted baby.  But we have a culture that developed a fixation on sex.  From advertising in the 1920’s and earlier comes the notion of easy sex.  This has been forced on us by people who sought to ruin this country from every angle and they have left no stone unturned.   Yes, we have always had porn of one sort or another, some blatant and some not so blatant.  But government had to approve, and the government was already staffed with the people ready to allow the degradation to occur.

As today the governmental is staffed by Union employees at every level (schools included).  Are unions to blame, partly, as a communist organization they hate America and its people.  Just as a rattle snake will eat the rats, you don’t want to live with one.  Sooner or later it will bite you or someone you value.  You cannot change its nature.  Teenagers and young adults are hormone factories and they peak when pregnancy is at it’s most likely to happen time.  Some will have sex, but others won’t.  As a society we need to quit pushing the girls to give in so easily.  A girl playing “hard to get” increases the likely hood of improving on her status the first time around.

Since the 60s, the blatant sexuality went main stream and mixed messages started flowing everywhere.  Women want to be attractive and were fed a steady diet of dissatisfaction right next to the males who took it all in.  Eventually this filtered to the schools and into the curriculum as Sex education.  This varied wildly by location.  Kinsey was widely quoted and continued to be quoted even though the revelations discrediting the study were widely circulated.

Another factor of unplanned pregnancies is welfare.  Women can not only get pregnant but the state would provide prenatal care and pay for the birthing of the baby and for its care afterwards.  (The state loves unwed mothers no matter their color)  The state makes an assumption that mothers wanted to keep their babies and raise them like good mothers.  This is at best naive.  Unfortunately there are many who are just in it for the check.  When you see a young girl have 3 babies before her 17th birthday, she is not in it for the babies.  Notice I have said nothing about race, I have seen it in all races.    We have  professional baby brooders, the girl who sleeps with many and gets pregnant by a few, for a check.  If you stop paying them for babies, you will get fewer unplanned pregnancies.  And maybe you can get  the fathers to pay the child support they should.

Unwanted children will most likely become trouble makers through the neglect they suffered at the hands of women who did not want them and no male figure to guide them and discipline them.  We have some anecdotal evidence to back this up.  The Movie “Freakonomics” showed the effects of abortion becoming illegal.  And it showed some of the effects of  abortion going from illegal to legal.  Well there was an increase in crime in Romania about 15-20 years after abortions were made illegal.  After abortions were made legal here and about 15-20 years later the crime rate dropped.  [1.]

Now the authors do not draw a direct correlation between increased crime and unwanted children but since I do not believe in coincidence, I find it very interesting.  They also saw the trend in some of the states that legalized abortion prior to Roe V Wade.  Another reason to not pay girls to have babies they have no intention of raising.  Since Black on Black crime is a big issue and the black family is nearly destroyed in the lower income brackets.  Allowing abortions will keep the crime rate about where it is.  And lowering the abortion rate through education and virtue would be most preferable to more unwanted kids continuing as programmed.

Finally, I will tell you I wish there were no abortions, but I also want no unplanned pregnancies as well.  Answers are easy, but good answers are a bunch harder.  I will defer to freedom at every opportunity.  Giving every child a good home would be a lot easier with out government interference.     A school that will take a girls ibuprofen away, but then take her to get an abortion is at best two faced and approves of unprotected teenage sex and the abolition of parental rights.   Such a school is a detriment to any community and we have them in spades.  Schools need to quit blaming the parents for the lessons taught to the students by the schools.

1.   Where Have All the Criminals Gone? http://www.beliefnet.com/News/2005/06/Where-Have-All-The-Criminals-Gone.aspx?p=1  Date 4-17-13


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As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.
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