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As an American I am tired of the lies told by our politicians and our government. Tired of the welfare state adn the abuse of the people by the government in the name of the public good - which is neither public or good.

Abortion or No Abortion ?

What is the fundamental question here?  Is it that all life is sacred?  Or that some lives are sacred and not others?  Or is it a deeper base problem that is present that abortion on demand is covering up.  What … Continue reading

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The 100 yard dash vs Progressive Policies

Do you expect a 100 yard dash to end in a dead heat. I expect that some runners will be faster than others. There can be only one winner. The race would not be exciting if everyone crossed the finish … Continue reading

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Those Evil rich, or are they

The capitalist who risks his money on any venture provides tools and facilities for others to make their job possible and more productive. By leveraging the tools the worker earns far more than he could on his own. And as … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about taxing the rich. Heck let’s take all of their money.

The rich have all the money were told and that there is plenty of money to go around, if only the rich would give it back. Everything would be fixed, we are told by the likes of Michael Moore and … Continue reading

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Why the American Military are NOT baby killers and who really is.

When I was in the service in the mid 70s Viet-Nam was in full swing and we were getting our butts handed to us by an inferior force because we were unwilling to finish the job. Many times in uniform … Continue reading

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The Free Speech Zone

Since Huffington Post and both are NON FREE SPEECH ZONES, unwilling to allow alternate points of view. ( I know why confuse them it only hurts their brains.) I am starting this blog to answer them, they are free … Continue reading

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